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Photo ID # a12.13.04_057_BRI_UNK_0072_1
Car #: #57
Driver (s) : Kenny Brightbill
Location: Unknown (11/20/06: Looks like you guys are pretty sure it's Rolling Wheels...)
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Bill Dudley
Photo provided by: Kevin Budden
Comments: Kenny Brightbill at speed in the Bob Wertz owned #57. 
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12/21/04 John Stover I believe this is at Rolling Wheels in 1972.  Thanks John Stover
12/24/04 Michael Bohling I think I remember he also won at the fairgrounds in Syracuse and Rolling Wheels the same day, but it could have been on Labor Day, definitely in a 57car.
12/27/04 Steve Fegley There's no outside wall , I'd guess that's Weedsport NY.  
11/20/06 Ray Dedrick Great site just found it today this picture of Kenny Brightbill is at Rolling Wheels, judging by the turn which looks like turn #2 used to.