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Car #: #5
Driver (s) : Billy Brennen
Location: East Windsor Speedway
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Wayne Bechtel
Photo provided by: Frank Miller
Comments: What's COOLER than COOL... Ice Cold?  Maybe, BUT HOW ABOUT A FALCON BODIED HEMI!  All of the Brennen Hemi powered cars are very popular here in the Vault!
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12/24/04 Jeff McClung Billy always ran a "HEMI", and the sweetest sounding modified I ever heard was that Keith Black built Hemi running around Bridgeport with open headers, you could feel the car coming around the track. Raw Horsepower!
01/02/05 Todd Jenkins My buddy Rody Joe was with the Brennen Team during this time. He once told me that young Billy (Jr) was a pretty good fabricator and did most of the work on his cars.

This particular car was a Scout frame with a Ford axle and a torsion front which used trailer bars.  Joe built the motors in them and said they were nothing fancy, but the Rat Trap was a single 4bbl and the manifold was a Winston Cup deal and never worked out and returned to injection.

The team raced it at Reading with the carb deal and after that is when the Rat Trap got it's name on the hood.  It popped back, blew the top of the manifold up, splitting it, but seam sealer and duct tape held it together to race that day....