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Photo ID # b01.29.05_099_DeS_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #99
Driver (s) : MeMe DeSantis in the Sonny Dornberger #99
Location: Flemington
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Ned Stites III
Photo provided by: Ned Stites III
Comments: One of the most admired cars of the time... Admired because of all the right reasons...  Legendary car owner and builder, great drivers and awesome performance on the track.  While many thought this was a Kenny Weld built car which were dominating the scene back in the mid 70's, we hear that this was a one of a kind.  We have been told that they "Out Welded Weld" when they built this one...  Drivers included Meme DeSantis, Billy Osmun and Billy Pauch. 

I hear that this car survived time and is being restored as we speak....

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02/10/05 Fred Voorhees Two things I remember most about this car. (1) It was prone to breaking down and (2) when it didn't break down it was wicked fast!

That being said, it was one awesome machine!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed the heck out of rooting for Billy Osmun when he was behind the wheel of this creation.

02/10/05 3-Wide Well... you know sometimes when you push the envelope, you push the envelope!

I agree Fred - This car commanded your attention when it was on the track.   I don't know how long it actually raced (1, maybe 2 seasons, but I remember Billy O, Billy Pauch and Meme behind the wheel and everybody noticed!

02/22/05 Sherrie Dornberger I believe it raced 4 years. Two as a silver blue 99 and two as this dark blue color.
It was full of "trick" stuff...rear ...transmission...radiator...clutch... torsion bars ...you name it, my dad was always developing something new.
It did not matter if it broke...if it was the fastest modified when it broke, it was as good as winning! It was just a bad week if we crashed. Crashing meant a potato soup or hot-dog week, so we could buy a new front end or rear, depending on the end that was damaged. And a really bad ride home the night of the crash, especially for the driver if he happened to ride up with us to the track that particular day. Ask Meme!
03/24/05 DALE WELTY I believe I saw Meme race this car at Rolling Wheels Raceway in NY one time and it was wicked fast.  It looked as if he was actually pulling both front wheels off the track coming off turn four and had nearly lapped the field when he broke!   As I recall there was some dispute about the transmission stretching the rule book a bit too far and I believe they made them change it before being allowed to race the next night at Canandaguia and I'm not to sure they didn't park the car rather than change their fine engineering. But my memory is fuzzy from too many trips on my head!