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Photo ID # b03.05.05_021_NEA_EWS_0070_1
Car #: #21
Driver (s) : Ray Neary
Location: East Windsor
Date: 1970
Photographer: Ace Lane
Photo provided by: Fred Menschner
Comments: This car started the 70's off with a bang!  This Fred Menschner/Ray Neary creation won the first 3 features it entered in 1970.  With some advice from Wally Marks, this thing was pretty tricked out.... Combine that with a guy who wasn't afraid to stand on it when needed and Fred Menschner handling everything under the hood and you had a winning combination.  Ray and Fred won the Harmony track championship that year.

You gotta like the angle of the body.  The story is that when building the car, they suspended the body over the frame until Ray said, "There.. Right There" (getting just the right angle).  Then they proceeded to weld the cage to form fit the shell to give it just the right altitude in the rear... giving it just the right attitude on the track!

One of my top 3 favorite cars of all time.

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03/05/05 Kevin Budden I just wanted to thank Fred and Ray for building and driving one of the finest examples of what a modified is supposed to be! Thanks for all the great memories guys. Kevin Budden...