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Car #: #47
Driver (s) : Joe Hall in Bill Lowden #47 and Dom Ragno #87 (or Newt Hartman)
Location: East Windsor
Date: 1975
Photographer: Ace Lane
Photo provided by: Bill Lowden
Comments: We weren't sure if this was Bill Lowden behind the wheel, or Joe Hall, (most often seen wheeling his self owned Sportsman #06) but the helmet and a few of you have confirmed that it is Joe in this photo. (More info below from Mark Yaple in the comments section).

Speaking of Bill Lowden, while spending some time as a competitor on both the dirt surface of EWS and even the asphalt of Wall, Bill is known by many as the skilled fabricator who turns flat metal into bodies, who turns pipe into roll cages and bumpers and who turns old coupe bodies into beautiful vintage racecars! 

Many of you are familiar with Bill's recentley completed #333 Billy O replica that was on display at last year's Flemington Reunion.  Big thrill for all on hand as Billy O got behind the wheel and looked ready to through it sideways!   Bill is currently working on a #81 Norcia Coupe, a Frankie Schneider Sedan and if that's not enough, we hear that a yellow coupe might not be that far off...

Bill son also competed on the asphalt at Flemington in the 90's and word is that he may be suiting up again this season...

It looks like BIll may have been using Joe Hall's helmet as if you look close it looks like it says "Wild Child."  In addition, Bill tells us that this car was sold to Ray Neary who drove it with the Modifieds the following season.

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03/09/05 Dom Ragno Joe - the number #87 in this picture is my first race.  The car was a new Tobias car which was quite a car at that time.  The year was 1974.  I only drove this car a few times then Newt Hartman took over the driving.
03/10/05 Mark Yaple That very well may be Joe Hall driving the 47 as I remember him picking up a ride in that car and coming within a few laps of winning the feature before clutch or driveline problems forced him from the event.  Ray Neary & Freddy Menschner were to thank for Joe Hall's dominance of the sportsman division in the mid seventies.
03/12/05 jerry h ..remember Bill doing some work for me when i had CharlieJ's old coupe