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Photo ID # b03.07.05_4T7_R10_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #R-10 & 4T7
Driver (s) : Glenn Fitzcharles and Stan Ploski
Location: Flemington
Date: 1975
Photographer: Unknown....  Ace Lane
Photo provided by: Bob Barone
Comments: Here's two of the favorites... from my favorite era.  Glenn Fitzcharles in the Rio Brothers #R10 and Stan Ploski in the Imperial Kitchens #4T7 which may have been owned by Emmett Alfrey, but I'm not real sure about that... 

Unfortunately, I believe this was the car that Stan broke his arm for a second time when the throttle stuck entering turn 1 resulting in Stan hitting the first turn wall in the same spot where he had hit it to close out the 1974 season. 

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03/08/05 Dominic Korzecki I believe either this one or another crash that year landed him in the Hunterdon Medical Center across the street and he was out for the 200 that year.  I remember reading in one of the old Flemington programs that somebody at the track set it up so he could talk to the fans over the loud speakers from his phone in his hospital room.  I'm pretty sure I read it was '74.  I may be wrong though. Heck, I wasn't even born yet. -
03/11/05 Jim Storholt This is an Ace Lane Jr photo. I am a avid Stan Ploski Fan and have this shot along with a similar shot both from Ace. This particular shot was the Memorial Day 100 lapper. The two of them race liked this for 50 laps or so.  Fitzcharles ended up winning this one.
03/12/05 Brian Loutrel Jim is right. This is the Memorial Day 100 lapper. I was at that race.   What a great battle between two great drivers. Battles like this one are why Flemington had the best racing of any track that I have ever personally attended or seen on TV.  Stan did break his arm for the second time in six
months in this car, but it was on opening day in April 1975.
03/12/05 3-Wide I found a picture of this car in an AARN Pictorial being driven by..... Tom Hager!  Never knew he drove it too.
03/12/05 John Toth This car was a copy of the Emmett Alfrey 47. Tom Carberry was a crew member of that team and built this car the next year. The car was sold and Tom Hager drove it.
Regards, - John Toth  - Sanford, Maine