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Photo ID # b11.13.05_099_BOD_LAN_0070_1
Car #: #99
Driver (s) : Geoff Bodine
Location: Langhorne
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Greg Holland
Photo provided by: Greg Holland
Comments: This will always be one of my favorite cars.  There were a lot of things going for it... First, it was pretty unique as at the time it may have been the only Valiant on the track. (I know that Dutch Hoag had a #7 Genosee Beer Valiant, but it may have been a year or 2 later, along with the Schloeder K46, the #56 driven by Glenn Fitzcharles, and later on, the #69 of Don Krietz and the #406 of Fred Orchard.) 

This #99 also had the back end hiked up just high enough....  It also had the driver sitting way far back, with the steering wheel sitting just about where the back of the driver's headrest would normally be.  The silver slotted wheels were a nice touch too...

And just one more thing....  IT WAS FAST!

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04/13/06 Pete Bernard I remember watching this car at Shangri-La in Owego NY in the late '60s. My dad would take me (I was 10) and we would love to watch the likes of Geoff, Dutch Hoag, Bill Stroeshal, Don Diffendorf, Benny Stephens, etc.
Aaahhh....the memories.........
03/23/08 Karaley Grey Did you know when they got the running gear done they didn't have a body well as I was told there was a flood in the area at the time and the Valient went by and they got the body from it.