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Photo ID # b11.23.05_076_CHA_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #76
Driver (s) : Gerald Chamberlain
Location: Flemington
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Bill Young
Photo provided by: Kevin Budden
Comments: Well... if this picture doesn't pin the cool meter, I don't know what will.

Let's see: Cool little Falcon body..., little pony wheel doing its job on the left front..., big old injectors stacks pointing to the North..., and oh yea... don't forget about Gerald behind the wheel with elbows up! 

This picture is what Flemington in the 70's was all about!

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11/24/05 Franny Lutz Although I never saw Gerry at Flemington, this picture has just become one of my favorite pics in the vault.
11/24/05 Ned Stites III Watching Gerry Chamberlain drive this car at Flemington through turn 3 on to the short shute into turn 4 was worth the price of your ticket. Just seeing this car entering the pits was excitng for me. I believe this car defined the term Modified.
11/24/05 Bob Hoffman Kevin - Thanks for sending in the great photos!
11/24/05 Walter Onora What a classic photo!! There was none better in that era. The classic duels between Chamberlain and Glenn Fitzcharles!! What days they were!
11/24/05 Jeff McClung This is the best shot of this car I have seen. With out a doubt the best looking modified ever, I can still hear that Ford roaring when I look at this picture! Kevin RULES! And so does Bill Young!
11/28/05 Paul Garzillo The car gets my vote for the "3 Wide Hall of Fame".  Car was completely dominant in its era, and inspired many 'knock-offs', but they never succeeded like the original.
12/05/05 Frank Miller This is one of the best Gerald pictures I have seen yet.

I started going to Flemington in 1974 at 16 years old and a diehard FORD fan. I can remember the sound this 427 ford powered falcon made when it went by me in the 1st turn. It sounded different then all the other modifieds because the headers were run out the rear of the car with hand made 3 inch pipe. Gus Fear said FORDS ran better with some back presure and boy did thay.

That year thay won 12 times and the track title. I wish there was a Racing Time Machine so we could re live some of those modified features!!!!

12/06/05 Bill Hanna Isn't it amazing how we all love these cars. The lack of sheet metal sure makes it worth it. You can really see how a driver works in these cars. The so-called modifieds of today with all that fabricated sheet metal and fiberglass are a joke compared to these cars.
04/18/07 DHimmie Great Pictures I can remember Gearld throwing it side ways right after the flag stand to be ready to stand on it for the short shut between 1 and 2.
03.31.11 Mark Bullock The year is 1976, the last year my dad owned race cars. This is the same car that won the Eastern States 200, later in the year, making it the final race my Father won. Talk about going out in style!!