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Photo ID # b12.22.05__00_REU_NAZ_0070_1
Car #: #00
Driver (s) : Buzzie Reutimann
Location: Nazareth
Date: 1970
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Jim Biehl
Comments: Comment from Jim:  This is Buzzie Reutimann driving the famous #00 blue and white coupe at Nazareth half mile track. (see note below)  He was one to beat every week no matter where he was racing.
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12/22/05 John McCaughey I wouldn't bet the farm on it, but I think this may have been taken at the 1 1/8 mile track. Notice Buzzie's attempt at aerodynamics w/ the closed in hood. It just looks like the big track to me, the color of the clay, the buildings in the distance.....Anyone else agree?
12/22/05 Jeff McClung I wonder if anyone knows why there is a Red cross before his name on this car?
12/22/05 Jack Kromer That shot is from the Nazareth National 1 1/8 mile track, not the half mile. What a great track that was. I just drove by it minutes ago and it's sad to see the cranes there tearing down the stands and the backstretch billboards.
12/22/05 Dick S. That's the way a race car should look . Cut right, real paint lettering, no vinyl.
12/24/05 Mark Burd I remember going to the big track and I was around ten years old and we sat on the top row in turn one, let me tell you those bleachers were a bit hairy!!
12/25/05 Jim Biehl Sorry for the error on the track. The box was marked incorrectly. I only saw a few races at the track but enjoyed every race I did see there. Lots of memories form the visits to that track.
12/27/05 John Mc One more thing that tells me this was the big track....notice the air cleaner sticking out of the hood....it was for a 4-barrel, not the fuel injection he usually ran. That tells me it was for a distance race on the larger track, because most everyone switched over to gasoline for the fuel mileage.
03.25.12 Kevin Varanyak I think the year is right 1970 and Mark was also right those bleachers were hairy look at the gaps and they were tall.