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Photo ID # b12.23.05_077_WEA_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #77
Driver (s) : Dick Wean (sp?)
Location: Flemington
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Wayne Bechtel
Photo provided by: Wayne Bechtel
Comments: Real steady runner Dick Wean in the #77 Modified.  Here's another one of those cars that I always associated with being a regular Flemington runner, although I think Dick did run at other tracks.  I remember one night when he took a real scary ride down the frontstretch where the car may have gotten into the starter's stand???

I also remember there being a car that looked like this, but was #76 and don't remember if they were teamates, or if the #76 was actually the #77 with a new #.  I think it was driven by one of the "Harrison's".

Hopefully you guys can help out with this, but I think it was Dick's son "Rick" that took to the track a few years later in a #78, and from what I understand, the name continues with one of the family now racing Slingshots or something up in PA.

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12/23/05 Scott Pacich The 76 was Leon Harrison,and I'm pretty sure it was an entirely different car and that they weren't team mates. Beautiful orange Pinto. Wean's car looked pretty neat. I liked the rounded effect of the roof in the front.
12/23/05 Clint Bush 76 Was Leon Harrison owner was Henry Varity
12/23/05 Paul Madsen Rick actually started in modifieds,with a car like the one pictured. Then he
ran the red 78 sportsman for a couple years. Then went back to modifieds
with the 78 olsen car. Rick's son Nick just completed his first year running
USAC Ford Focus midgets. The 76 was owned by Henry Verity and driven by Leon Harrison.