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Car #: #33
Driver (s) : Sammy Beavers
Location: Flemington
Date: 1979
Photographer: Ace Lane Jr.
Photo provided by: George Thode
Comments: Comment From George:  The 33 Weld car I bought off of Statewide in 1979 when Jim Horton was running for them.  The sister Weld car was sold to Jeff Heotzler or his brother, and he ran it for quite some time at Middletown.

I was going to back up Jim Jr [old man Horton] when he ran Beavers, he didn't get his car finished in time for Flemington's opener, so we used mine, I know I got a 2nd there and a couple of top 5 finishes, so when Jim Jr got his done he used my # because of points, I switched to Windsor and ran Sammy there.

Jim Jr had the offset body Cadillac #33 that year.   Picture is from '79 and are Ace Lane pic's......George Thode

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10.08.10 Kevin Eckert Yes, this is part of the 1975-76 litter of Weld modifieds. It was the '76 model added to Statewide's 1974 Weld original, which indeed went to Jeff Heotzler for many wins at Accord and Orange County, though without Weld's original suspension. This car was first driven by Gary Balough and Jimmy Horton before becoming 33.