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Car #: #?, #42, #301, #1 and #22
Driver (s) : Unknown, Joe Conti?, Craig McCaughey, Lee or Larry Taylor and definitely Red Coffin
Location: Flemington
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Wayne Bechtel
Photo provided by: Wayne Bechtel
Comments: We used this for our last trivia question for 2005... and are still a little unsure about a few of these, so we figured we'd add it to the Vault and let the rest of you guys sort it out!
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01/18/06 Kevin Inglin One of the guess for the first Gremlin in this picture in the trivia section was Bob Pollock. I asked Bob to review the question and he said that it wasn't him. Maybe it's me but it looks like the car has the door caved in. The "A" post appears to be hanging free. The indent in the back reminds me of a Jay Stong car but that's a complete guess and most likely wrong.
01/18/06 3-Wide I think Jay drove a squared off Mustang right around this time.  I did confirm with Red Coffin at the 2006 Motorsports that the last car in this photo is his #22 Gremlin.  It actually says "Millers Volkswagon" and it was one of Red's sponsors.