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Photo ID # c02.24.06_71E_VAN_UNK_0070_1
Car #: #71E
Driver (s) : Carl Van Horn
Location: Unknown
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Mike Feltenberger
Photo provided by: Mike Feltenberger
Comments: Comment from Mike:  This might be some of the most awesome looking injector stacks in all of racing.The Carl Van Horn 71E Mustang was yellow with red numbers.Carl made sure he showed where the power was.Other than the Deasey 707 stacks these truly were eye openers when this racer pulled onto the racetrack.Carl also drove the Garrett 2A with some stacks on it as well.  Photo by Mike Feltenberger
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02/25/06 Steve By the looks of the wall with clay spattered on it, and the banking behind the wall I'd say that's Reading between one and two...
02/25/06 Mike Feltenberger Sorry Joe, it was Reading