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Photo ID # c04.01.06_707_PLO_EWS_0071_1
Car #: #707
Driver (s) : Stan Ploski
Location: East Windsor
Date: 1971
Photographer: Ace Lane Sr.
Photo provided by: Bobby Thomas and Kevin Eyers
Comments: Comment from Kevin:  RAW POWER. Anyone I've ever heard speak about driving one of the BIG DONKEY's, raves about the awesome power. ALL STAR helmet and Tex flagging.   Couldn't be much better.   Stan in for the win with the engine "set way back" version of the Big Donkey. 
(Notice how far the engine set back... how you can only see the exhaust pipes for #5 & #6 cylinders!)
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06/30/05 Gary VC Paul had two cars. Both had a special Ford motors with double over head cams I think.
06/30/05 3-Wide I'm not sure if it was two different cars, or if it was just a matter of where they placed the engine.... 
11/18/05 Chuck Hassler Yes there was two seperate cars. They were both at Reading one week. The only differance was the bodies and the power plant. Any of the pictures you see it is hard to tell what motor paul was running because he had such a collection to chose from, cammer,shotgun,wedge, all 427 CUI.

These two coupes are not to be confused with the three window coupe, it was sold to Moe Harding a late model racer from central PA. who put a 426 Plymouth wedge in it. Paul even had an all aluminum block on one of the motors he ran that had a special paint on it with steel paint in it so it would pass a magnet test. I got this straight from paul taking to him at Hill Valley when we ran micros. I can give some of this info because I grew up at reading, I first started going in 1957. Thanks Chuck Hassler
08/01/08 Reading Transportation Great site. Do not forget one ford engine they used was the BOSS 429 version.