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Photo ID # c04.02.06_137_GOD_EWS_0074_1
Car #: #137
Driver (s) : "Von" Goedeke  (see note below)
Location: East Windsor Speedway
Date: 1974
Photographer: Carl Becker
Photo provided by: Bob Becker
Comments: Comment from Bob:  Jim Goedeke in his sharp looking 3 window coupe at EWS during the 1974 season. Check the name over the window "Von Goedeke"

Another of the great shots by my father Carl Becker from EWS.
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04/02/06 3Wide Well.... I remember the Sundowner #6 3 window coupe driven by Jim Goedeke...  but here's another car that I'm having trouble remembering....

#137????  Jeez.... I would have lost a bet on this one for sure! 

Maybe someone out there can help out and let us know if this was definitely Jim, and if this car was later renumbered to "6".
04/02/06 John Mc I don't remember which was 1st, but I believe this car was #137 & then #6. It was the same car.
04/02/06 3-Wide Is "Von" the same person as "Jim"?
04/02/06 John Armbruster I would love to see a picture of the Sundowner #6 coupe if anyone had one, I always thought that car was awesome.
04/03/06 Mark Yaple This car started out as the 137 and was later bought by Jim (Von) and then became the Sundowner #6. Power under the hood of the 137 was by
Sonny Dornberger.
04/03/06 Jas I believe that this is the coupe Russ Dodge built and sold it to Billy Wright (lived near Moods Farm market).
04/04/06 Mark Yaple There is a picture of the Sundowner #6 on page 22a.  (click below)
04/27/06 Sherrie Dornberger When Jim's family came from Germany, their original name was Von Goedeke... when his sponsored changed to Garozzo's Gerry the car was
painted and number changed. I know there was a story to the 137 number, but I can't remember what it was.....