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Photo ID # c04.14.06_029_WEL_REA_0070_1
Car #: #29
Driver (s) : Kenny Weld
Location: Reading
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Jim Simmons
Photo provided by: Russ Dodge
Comments: Comment from Russ:  This is a Jim Simmons Racing Photo of Weikerts Livestock 29 designed and driven by Kenny Weld. I had the good fortune to meet Jim and purchase photos from him in the Seventies. The quality of his work is excellent. He also has some fine racing videos.

This is a great Reading memory of car and driver that played a significant role in influencing the history of modified racing. Thanks, Russ Dodge
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04/14/06 Ken Johnson This was Kennys first car. An interesting note is that at the back it says Mechanic, Stacy Reeves at the bottom and at the Top where the window would be on the following cars it said "Padroni". It meant Owner in Italian.
08/01/06 Chuck Hassler I think this was the 2nd car built the 2nd year. If you look at the front suspension it has bars instead of coil overs witch were inboard and used a different arm set up.  P.S. Both cars were used for a short time.
08/01/08 3-Wide Attn, Mr. William Johnston.  Regarding your request, I forwareded it to Russ Dodge, however I when I tried to respond to your email, it came back as undeliverable.  Do you have a civilian email address or another way that we can contact you if Russ is able to get the image for you?