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Photo ID # c08.03.06_056_ROS_UNK_0070_1
Car #: #56
Driver (s) : Bob Rossell
Location: ? Nazareth 1 1/8th - (see Greg's note below)
Date: 70's
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Michael Kent
Comments: Cool.  

Orange, black top, injectors, back higher than the front, 70's style numbers....   Very cool. 

Bob once told me that there's nothing wrong with finishing 3rd with a 3rd place car...   Too often driver's would wreck their car along with somebody elses trying to run 2nd with a 3rd place car.  Bob's way of thinking was, if his car got wrecked, he wasn't making money.  Having a car that you could drive up the trailer meant that you could put a few bucks in your pocket that night and race it again the next!
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08/12/06 Greg C! The Most recent Bob Rossell photo is taken at Nazareth National 1 1/8
Mile track
- The cement wall
- the fencing construction
- the lack of maintenance - plant growth and grass up by the wall and on parts of the remote areas of the track - all are tell tale signs of the large track at Nazareth
06/07/07 PHIL Betza BOB was a great car builder.  Building many cars for WILL CAGLE.  I loved the way the guys that ran asphalt didn't need any stinking AIR CLEANERS!