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Photo ID # c08.10.06_015_F18_FLM_0074_1
Car #: #Freedom 18 and #15
Driver (s) : Gene Gilligan and Andy Horne
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1974
Photographer: Andy Horne
Photo provided by: Andy Horne
Comments: It's Saturday... It's late afternoon... The sun is out...  And there's racing at the square.

Life is good.

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08/12/06 Paul Garzillo Ah yes-
Bill Singer has welcomed us, the sun is fading behing turn one,and i just got back from the concession with my french fries and soda ready for racing................ all is right with the world again!

This was taken from what was probably the 'new' section of bleachers that were added between turn 1 and 2 at that time.  Any Flemington regular knew that this was were you saw numerous flips on a weekly basis [just look at the new 4x4's and guard rail piece]. The outer rail was only 3 boards high then----thus a lot of flips.

To carry the speed thru the turn without hitting the wall took lots of skill.........many didnt pass the test.

This is about the area where Frank Klemm's car burst into flames after hitting the wall and flipping.

The apron has grass growing on it-----and the tires are still there!
Just beautiful, thanks Andy.
08/13/06 Andy Horne You are correct Paul. I remember walking down to those new stands during rookie practice to get some good shots of my fathers car before the race would start.

We always sat in the first turn so we could see the cars coming out of 4. I used to live to see Stan Ploski throw his car sideways half way down the front straight to try and make a circle out of a square. Sad to think those days are gone, isn't it?
12/20/07 Chuck's Towing Yes life was good back then. It's a shame we can't all be there at the square eating some dirt in April 2008!!!