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Photo ID # c08.11.06_028_SCO_SAY_0073_1
Car #: #28
Driver (s) : Tighe Scott
Location: Tighe Scott's shpp in Saylorsburg, PA
Date: August, 1973
Photographer: Bill Rouch
Photo provided by: Mark Rouch
Comments: Comments from Mark:  My Father (Bill Rouch) was the welder, assembler of Tighe's cars back then. They were pre made Tobias chassis and Dad added bumpers, rub rails, engine and various other mounts and built the cars from there up. I was about 11 or 12 years old at the time and spent a lot of time at the garage and at the various tracks, (usually Middletown on Saturdays and Nazareth on Sunday) while dad worked the pits.  (If you look close you can see the name Bill Rouch on the side of the hood in the top photo.)

The pictures above are all of the same car (with and without the body).  Dad also finished off this hauler for the car. It was bought as a flatbed trailer and Dad added the tire racks and tool storage.   If you look on the tire rack of the hauler in the background, I'm the one looking over the tires on the right (2nd photo)
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08/12/06 Barry Look! A simple straight-up frame with a straight axle and simple springs and shocks, put 2 leaf springs in the rear with wedge adjustment, not a crate motor but a component engine rule with specified, inexpensive parts, a STOCK tranny, a quick-change, and a series of coupe, sedan, Pinto, Gremlin and Vega pre-fab bodies, make your own hood, and put them on asphalt on American Racemaster ROCKS and on dirt, equivalent ROCK tires and recreate the fun of the old All Star League where you can race anywhere! Make the rules so all cars must be painted and lettered like a car from the past. Sound like fun?

Call them RETROMODS!

08/12/06 3-Wide I'd pay to see them...  Actually, at this point, I'd pay to see anything that looks like a "Modified" - "Stock Car"!
09/01/06 Eric Lorenzoni I know where Mark is coming from- In the mid 70's there was no better looking car at Middletown than the #28 that Tighe drove.; Saw him run at Daytona in the #30 and he almost won. Another great local driver with a bunch of talent!
09/01/06 3-Wide As far as Tighe and Daytona, a problem with a late race pitstop keep him from the win.  Think he said he pulled into the pits (no pit lane speed limits back then) and may have had to drive through somebody else's water that was left in the stall before his, and that was that.
09.21.11 Joe Meshach I always liked Scotty's coupes, especially when he ran at Nazareth. One of the masters to slide through those turns. Also cool to see the open trailers. That's the way to haul a car to the track, so everyone could see the car and get excited about the race to come! How I miss those days.