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Photo ID # c08.20.06_EWS_FRT_EWS_0077_1
Car #: #24 and others
Driver (s) : Ken Brenn Jr. and others
Location: East Windsor Speedway
Date: 1976 or 1977
Photographer: Wayne Bechtel
Photo provided by: Wayne Bechtel
Comments: Can almost hear them coming at you.  I don't think I've ever seen East Windsor from exactly this angle before.  Not sure if Wayne took this one through the fence, or if he was outside of the track, but there's no mistaking Windsor's long frontstretch.   Notice how back in the day the only thing near the track was a farm house and a silo.  Well, the silo is still there today, however there are a bunch of "hi dolla" houses between it and what's left of the racing surface.

Very strange shot though as it looks like the modifieds are on the track in the middle of the day with very few people in the stands...  I don't remember Windsor having any practice days, but maybe you guys will have some additional info for us.
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08/20/06 Kevin Mc They used to have a free practice day @ EWS one week before opening day for a few years.

Look at the trees and the farmers field. Both are bare. This had to be early spring, which would be when practice day was Short field & empty stands could have been a clue that this was practice day and not a real race too.

Great shot
08/21/06 Allen Clark Never got to go there. Is that a board fence all the way around?
08/21/06 3-Wide Yup... Still there, but from I hear, not for very long...
08/21/06 Dave Welty It's amazing what an old timer like me can pick up about the cars even from a straight on angle like this. Looks like Ken Brenn in a grant king car leading the way. Clearly a Weld creation on the inside. The coupe looks like it could be Charlie Shire and bringing up the rear appears to be a pavement pinto! Quite a diversity of machines but all 100% Modified the way it should be. Great shot!
08/21/06 3-Wide I thought the same thing on the cars and even thought Charlie didn't run there often, but light (aluminum) looking hood makes me think of the #29.  The other car behind Brenn might be the brown (not silver) #17 that Phil Meisner ran for a little while..  (Not the brown VanVarick #17G that Grbac ran either....)  Kinda hard to tell....  I'm guessing that the Weld car might have been Stan in the #27 but that's a guess.
08/25/06 Spilly I think the "Pavement Pinto" Dave is referring to is the # 75, diriven by Bob Hendrickson.
09/15/06 3Wide It's pretty sad, but I thought you guys might want to contrast the photo above to the photo below taken about 30 years later at the now permanently closed East Windsor Speedway:
EWS_02.06.06_000z11sm.jpg (98770 bytes)
03.25.12 Kevin Varanyak Great shot of the track in 06 it all gone now sorry to say . I remember the night Pee Wee Griffin drove off the track and out of the speedway down the road 1967 I think,