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(check out the slices below!)

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Photo ID # c09.18.06_FLM_PIT_FLM_0076_4
Car #: #various
Driver (s) : Al Michalchuk #292, Glenn Fitzcharles #23, Fritz Epright #49, Phil Meisner #17, Bruce Tinsley #2T, Sammy Beavers #81, Ken Brenn Jr. #24, Stan Ploski #27, Pete Madsen #111, Ken Johnson #64, Mike Grbac #17G, Manny Zilli #Z... and a bunch of others that we'll let you guys do the honors with... 
Location: Flemington
Date: 1976
Photographer: Wayne Bechtel
Photo provided by: Wayne Bechtel and Frank Miller
Comments: Pits are full...  Car flipping between turns 3 & 4...  I see Al Michalchuk walking toward his truck while his dad looks over the engine on the #292... There's Kenny Brenn next to his car... Looks like the next heat is lined up and ready to go. 

Yup, just another night at Flemington.

What do you see?
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09/22/06 Rick Shive Besides those already noted,I see:Corky Corcoran #33, (?) Walsh #W2,Tom Alfrey #7, Dick Wean #77, Dave Steffenhagen #22Jr.and I think,Augie Leiber's #57(couldn't guess might have been driving it that day)
09/22/06 3-Wide I saw Corky's #33 (many guessed that it was Ronnie Guinter..., and I also see Alfrey and Wean.  You and John Mc are the only ones to mention the #22Jr as being Dave Steffenhagen... and I'm not sure about the #57.  Thanks Rick -
10/05/06 Michael Messinger Nice pics, but I don't think this is Flemington. Those are some high hills behind the track. Flemington had no hills that close to it.
Best regards,
Michael Messinger
10/06/06 3-Wide Not sure why the hills look so close, but it's definitely Flemington, and its definitely taken from sitting deep into turn one, looking across the track between 3 & 4.   If you look close, you can see the Flemington Speedway firetruck just to the left of the flipping car.  Also, these pictures are coming straight from the negatives as provided by the original photographer Wayne Bechtel and most of them are from Flemington with a couple from East Windsor too.
10/08/06 Joyce Walker I think I see Billy O walking in the pits with someone else.
10/10/06 steve fegley cant believe you guys missed the closest one:) i only noticed cause i was
much into the haulers as i was the cars. right in front the first turn fence the 71 ford hauler is joe bullocks , if you look straight down from end the wrecker boom you can see the roof of the 76 falcon. u first turn guys are sleepin on me lol:).
10/18/06 Bill Hanna Hey Steve:

I wasn't sleeping........ I told Joe about that when I submitted my first lists, but Joe didn't include it. I also know that the Wally Marx # 1 is parked next to the Bullock hauler as it was each and every Saturday night.
10/19/06 3-Wide I didn't see it at first, and I only included the names that I could verify.   I thought that the car that turns out to be the #76 was a car pointed toward the 47th turn and couldn't identify it.  Now looking at it and realizing that it is pointed toward the first turn, along with you guys remembering that was where the #76 parked, it's definitely the #76.

The only thing I can say is that you guys should be glad that I didn't post every name submitted in response to the original trivia question as there were probably another 20 drivers/cars that I was not able to find, or that I knew were not there because the same driver/car was already in the picture, but not in the car submitted!
10/22/06 Tim Fritts Not Flemington, I can tell by the building in the back. Tim Fritts, Flemington Class of 75-91
10/22/06 3-Wide Tim, you're the 2nd person who emailed us on this not being Flemington... (can't find the earlier email otherwise I would post that one as well.) 

All I can say is that I know that Michalchuk always parked in the 4th turn facing the track and that he drove this particular car in 1976 only and that the cars entered the track just past the 4th turn as they are lined up to do in this photo.  Its hard to read but I think the water truck might say Flemington Speedway on it... 

That's the good thing about the Vault Community.... We've got you guys to figure all this stuff out!
06/19/07 Harry L. Gano Jr., CPA Where is this track. I was at Flemington just about every week, and I do not remember that building either.
06/20/07 3-Wide I know that it was 1976.  I don't believe Al Michalchuk raced anywhere other than Flemington, East Windsor and Bridgeport in 1976, and we know that East Windsor and Bridgeport don't have the pits inside the track, so I'm sticking with that it's Flemington, but I am certainly open to others opinions.   I think the picture was taken from the elevated walkway in front of the stands somewhere near the end of turn 1.

If not Flemington, what track are you guys possibly thinking?

I don't remember the big building in the background either...
08.26.11 Wayne Bechtel Sorry it took me so long to see this photo, but it was taken at Flemington in 1976, because Flemington and east Windsor were the only tracks I took my camera to.