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Photo ID # c10.03.06_091_HUT_LAN_0070_1
Car #: #91
Driver (s) : Sonny Hutchins
Location: Langhorne (Top) - Flemington (Bottom)
Date: Late 60's or early 70's
Photographer: Bill Young
Photo provided by: Kevin Budden
Comments: We received these 2 photos of the #91 and know that there are some Sonny Hutchen's fans out there, so we thought we'd post them together.  We're not real sure of the year, but judging by the red Ford in the top photo, we're thinking late 60's or very early 70's.   We think the top photo might be Langhorne, but could also be Trenton or maybe even Dover???  (Top photo is definitely from Langhorne as per the photographer's comment on 7/3/07 - Thanks Bill)  The bottom photo is definitely Flemington. 

If you notice the trailer fender in the bottom photo has the "#90" on it, which is the number that many associate with owner Junie Donlavey who many will remember fielded Grand National Team's and a Winston Cup Team up until the last few years.
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10/04/06 John Junie fielded this car along with the 90, two fast cars with Ford power. This car, with it's front fenders kind of reminds me of the Tant/Mitchell flying 11 that the great Ray Hendricks drove.
10/04/06 Bill Ore I never got to see Sonny run this car, but I remember him running a LMS in the mid '70's down in Virginia at Old Dominion. The car was a powder-blue Nova, #00 and was built and owned by Emanuel Zervakis out of Richmond. They only came up for the big purse races, but Sonny and Reds Kagle and a few others always put on quite a show.
10/04/06 Greg C Just had lunch with, very close friend, Junior "Junie" Donlavey two weeks ago and with the recent passing of Sonny we were talking about that car pictured and the numbers other then # 90 he ran thru the years. # 98 was another assigned number that Donlavey Racing campaigned.

They took that car to the Nazareth half mile track as the number 90 on a few occasions I have a photo some where in my files. Junior [Junie] is quite the card with endless stories, I've got a few with him myself. I have attached a photo of Junie and I taken in his Richmond, Virginia shop for promotional purposes for Richmond Gear. I believe the photo was from 1998.  With Junie lending us crew chief Freddie Fryar, Jeff Kirk and other crew members, Jerry Foyt and I fielded a ARCA car # 60, Sizzilin Quick Sponsored in 1994 at Michigan [Ford of course] Jerry "Balled it Up" during time trials, Freddie wasn't required to do "Double Duty" after all.

Greg C.
Peak Racing Equipment!
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10/05/06 3-Wide Did Junie own the Truxmore cars that Bill Dennis won the early 70's "Permatex 300's" at Daytona with (1971 & 1972 maybe???).
10/07/06 Rob Renninger Being a regular at every race run at Nazareth in the 1960-70's I only remember Sonny Hutchins bringing his #90 to the big Nazareth National 1 1/8 mile dirt track on one occasion, and never to the half mile track. It was an end of season race on a Sunday afternoon.

Frankie Schneider, as he usually did at the big Nazareth National track, was out front with a big lead. Sonny put on one heck of a late race charge, Frankie with his straight in and straight out style of running the turns and Sonny letting it hang out trying to catch the "Old Master". As the white flag waved Sonny ran into the sharp turn one right on Franks bumper but went in way to hard trying to make the pass. He wound up "squashing" the #90 against the outside wall that was made of good old Nazareth cement. The beautiful car was destroyed in the process of putting on a late race charge.

It was one of the most memorable races I ever attended. As a matter of fact, in the video "the Old Master" featuring Frankie Schneider he made special mention of that race and even included a picture of Sonny in the car.
10/08/06 Greg C Called Junior "Junie" to ask him for you about Bill Dennis and got "Ding", Kenny Bell, Junie's right hand man for over 30 years and one of two only remaining in the Donlavey Racing Stables out of Richmond, VA. Today!

"Ding" is the expert on facts about the team he was one of the most important men in the organization for all those years.

Bill Dennis did driver for June in 1970, 1971 & 1972 but Not the race in question. His results for Dovlavey Racing were: '70 Two races no wins, no top 5's, no top 10's ---- '71 twenty - six races, no wins, 4 top 5's and 10 top 10's --- '72 Two races, No wins, 1 top 5, 1 top 10.

The last year Sonny Hutchins drove for them was 1970 and he drove a limited schedule only two Nascar races and one top five and one top ten finish [and a host of other events].

As far as "Ding" remembers they did run Nazareth on a number of occasions both the large track and the Half mile at least once maybe twice. The car in question was a # 90 car but painted differently, same car but upgraded over the winter form the #91. He remembers it being their triple color paint scheme and they had a quick Change rear into it, as they say in Virginia! Maybe someone has a photo for us to post?

Just trying to be helpful,
Greg C.
Peak Racing Equipment!
10/20/06 Melvin Swisher I watched Sonny race at Beltsville Speedway in Maryland in the 60s.   I have a photo of me setting in his car in 1966.  I was 8 years old.  The car was all blue with white numbers. 

Sonny won the very first event there in 1965 then the track was call Baltimore-Washington Speedway.  In some time in 66 it went to Beltsville. The track opened August 25 1965.

I watched drivers like Ray Hendricks in his flying 11, Billy Hensley, Don McTavish and so on.
11/07/06 Kerry Viar There is already a photo of Sonny's tri=color car in 3- Wide. Check out Page 16 of the 1960's. I've got a pile of photos of the #90 and #91 cars but that's the only one i've seen of the tri-color car.
07/03/07 Bill Young Hi Joe,   I took the top picture at Langhorne.