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Photo ID # c10.13.06__9c_CRO_SYR_0070_1
Car #: #9c
Driver (s) : Howie Cronce
Location: Syracuse
Date: 1976?
Photographer: John Lucas (top) and Matt Bahre (bottom)
Photo provided by: John Lucas and John McCaughey (top) and Matt Bahre (bottom)
Comments: Some of you have commented that this is one of your all time favorite cars. 

I've alway's thought that Howie had some of the best looking rides throughout the 70's.   I first remember the yellow #9C Falcon around 1972 or so which I think became the black and silver #9C (open Falcon) that many will always remember.

After running that for a few years, I think Howie started running this Burnett car that with this black and gold paint scheme, was about as sharp as you could get.

Often thought as a Flemington and EWS local racer, Howie did us all proud at Syracuse by qualifying near the front of the huge field and finishing in the top 5 one year.  I'm not sure if this is the car, and/or if this is the year, but thanks for John Lucas for the great shot of the beautiful #9c at Syracuse.
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10/13/04 3-Wide (The comments below are from Howie Cronce a while back when asked about his cars from the 70's and from his experience at Syracuse.)
10/02/06 Howie Your info on yellow Falcon is correct.  My first Mustang was in late 1974. Ran that car untill 1976. Built new Mustang in 1977, also ran it a few times in 1978 then sold it to Ken Hammer for Jay Aten to drive. Later campaigned at Windsor by Kenny Leach. Car might be around somewhere ???

Syracuse in 1976 (100 lap) I Qualified 3rd and finished 5th. Toby had the pole and Tighe Scott was second. Gary Balough was somewhere close also.  I think going down homestretch on first lap Balough had the lead, Toby second and I was third and passed Toby on backstretch and followed Balough for 30 laps.  On the 1st caution, Gary pitted and I didn't (dumb stupid idiot mistake). Thought we wouldn't be able to take enough fuel at that point (WRONG) . So I pitted around lap 40 something and everybody that was fast had already pitted.  I had to race back to the front from about 30th spot...

The brakes started fading bad around 1/2 way and clutch started slipping with 15 to go.   I was still able to pass Sam Beavers for 5th between 3rd and 4th corner on last lap. Jimmy Horton got 4th right in front of me...........

Most fun I think I ever had that was legal..........That was with open motor rule.   We had a 482 Big block with Hilborn Inj. on Cam 2 Gasoline......Then Donnelly decided to save us all money and made Rules for carbuerator only and we all know how that turned out.............
Thanks for listening  >>>>>>>Howie...
10/14/06 Walter Onora That is one beautiiful modified. From the seventies the "Burnett" chassis are my favorites!! Howie, Craig McCaughey and others of these modifieds.  A consistant runnning racer!
10/15/06 Mark Yaple This car ended up as a #77 owned by Kenny Hammer and driven by Johnny Leach at East Windsor & Penn National.
10/15/06 Nick Leach That would be Johnny Leach who drove that car (referring to Howie's note above) .  It was an orange #77. (You have the pic on the board - compare the two make "then and now" deal hahahah)
10/15/06 3-Wide Here ya go Nick:
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c10.13.06__9c_CRO_SYR_0070_1sm.jpg (66681 bytes)
Hey Nick, the only problem is it is a "Then, Then a little later... and a "Wonder where it is now" deal!

Any idea what happened to it after Johnny was done with it?
10/17/06 Kevin Eyres On the Leach 77, is that wood or a lead front bumper?
10/18/06 Paul M The frame was cut up and scraped.
10/20/06 Nick Leach the car was cut up for scrap after a wreck at Big Diamond.  (Then it was #88h.)  The front bumper was made out of two pieces of bumper from a street car - all metal, no wood or lead.
10/20/06 Matt Bahre Here's a great picture of Howie (the hat) Cronce that goes along with the recent addition to the vault of the 9c. (Picture of Howie working on the #9C near top of this page) As you can see, the moniker "Howie the Hat" was apropos. I would agree that this car is one of the all time sharpest.

Also, you can just make out the Tighe Scott # 28 in the background which is another all time great looking car. Both these race cars were based on John Burnett frames.
04/23/07 Bucky I believe that you are looking at two different versions of the 9c here.   Look at the doors, one is a mustang, the second is aluminum plate. The one on top is Howie's second Burnett frame. The picture on the bottom is the first frame. It had two different bodies on it. The first was silver and gray. If you follow the you tube string found in the vault under Fred Voorhees you will find the Eastern States heats.


That's the original Burnett frame 9c. The second body for that car is in the picture here. That frame was lightweight; I know Howie will read this,
at inch walls for the frame rails. Legal was 3/8 which frame #2 had. At least that's what I remember. Of course Howie also told me that the engine was a 466 CI. 482 CI., is another 1/8 over. That's what I though was in frame #2.
Howie if you do read this, long time no hear. Bucky.
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