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Photo ID # c10.20.06_75_DER_REA_0070_1
Car #: #75
Driver (s) : Earl Derr
Location: Reading
Date: March 16, 1970
Photographer: Ronnie Guinther
Photo provided by: Ronnie Guinther
Comments: Comment from Ronnie: Earl's self owned Chevy II was one of the cool looking modifieds of the '70's.  I remember it being a real rocket down the straights.
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10/26/06 Barry Miller Earl Derr was a former drag racer and that is why this modified had that Pro-Sock look to it, jacked up rear-end, motor sitting way back, etc. Ronnie was right this car was a rocket down the straights. However, Earl was use to driving in a straight line and it took him a little while to get use to the corners. This was his rookie year and he spun out from time to time in the corners and even a few times on the frontstrech. This was a cool looking car and once he got the handle on driving it he did better and he became one of the popular "little guys" at The Fairgrounds. He never had the money or the equipment that some of the big names had but if he was hooked up he could run with them from time to time.