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Photo ID # c10.29.06_018_DES_NAZ_0070_1
Car #: #18
Driver (s) : Bill Deskovich
Location: Nazareth 1/2 Mile - Nazareth, PA
Date: 1974 or 75
Photographer: Mike Monnat
Photo provided by: Mike Monnat
Comments: Comment from Mike: I think the photo is from either 1974 or 1975 and was taken by me at the Nazareth 1/2 mile. I thought it was a cool looking car.
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11/03/06 Scott Pacich I know I was with Billy this day, and I always thought that was a great looking racecar.

This car was brown the season before. The chassis was similar in design
to a Mulligan frame with one major difference. Billy made the chassis from the roll cage back 6 inches wider than the front. Instead of tapering it he welded the front half of the chassis inside the rails of the back half.

We changed the color of the car over the off season in an attempt to change his luck. Billy was coming back from open heart surgery and felt he needed a kick start, thus the color change. He also changed the number for his traditional 8B to 18.

Later in this season (I'm pretty sure it was 1974) he rolled the car at Middletown. It landed on its side facing oncoming traffic and as Billy was unbuckling he was hit directly in the roof. It collapsed that cage all the way down in the front and middle. Fortunately Billy was not seriously injured, if you can call two fractured elbows not serious. We rebuilt the roll cage, and
the car was painted white with an orange roof, and Billy went back to 8B.

Scott Pacich