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Car #: #307
Driver (s) : Charlie Gunther
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1972
Photographer: Ace Lane
Photo provided by: Debbie Gunther
Comments: Is it just me, or for all you other guys that were in their teens back in the 70's, was this one of your favorite cars too?  Always noticed Charlie and the little #307 Corvair at both Flemington and EWS.  Charlie always ran strong, but I think having a Corvair bodied car was just different enough from the other cars of the time that it was something a lot of us could definitely relate to.... (You know, that whole being different thing we all go through as teenagers...)

Looks like Charlie replaced the roof on the car above and I don't mind telling you that I'm not enough of a Corvair aficionado (know it all that is!) to know if that's a Corvair roof or if its from something else.

How many of us also remember Debbie Gunther running this car as well.  I remember her getting around very quickly and on at least one occassion somehow getting up on top of the wooden fence at Flemington which is something that was bound to happen eventually to anyone who was getting around quickly!

This little Corvair... Flemington Speedway... Long Live the 70's!
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06/06/07 John Larsen I never realized that this car had a square tubing roll cage until now. Only took me 30 some years to see that. Good thing you post these pictures Joe. It is educational for sure..... even 34 years later.
06/08/07 Brian C. Loutrel Charlie replaced the roof because of a bad flip that he took between the first and second turns at Flemington in May 1972. I still have the 8mm movie film of it that he took as we watched from the stands between turns
one and two.