Photo ID # d07.01.07_016_MYS_NAZ_0070_1
Car #: #16
Driver (s) : Jerry Eschellman
Location: Nazareth
Date: 1970's
Photographer: John Lucas
Photo provided by: John McCaughey
Comments: Never saw this one run, but as time goes on, I sure do miss the Falcons!  This is really a sharp looking car.

We used this photo for our July 10th, 2007 trivia question and many of you are telling us that the car was owned and driven by Jerry Eschelman (spelling?), and was also driven by Tom Mayberry.  Like I said above, I never saw it run, but it definitely belongs here in the Vault.
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07/18/07 Barry Miller That is Jerry Eshelman's 16, he started out driving it and a year or two later he put Tom Mayberry in it. That was a good looking Falcon and it was fast but it also broke down a lot.
07/18/07 JamesLong I saw this car run as mentioned up at Nazareth in the early to mid 70's with both Jerry and Tom driving at one time or another. it is a great looking piece and was always in showroom condition when they ran up there.
08/23/07 Tom Mayberry The year is 1975. The owner - Jerry Eshelman from Souderton Pa. The track is the Nazareth 1/2 mile. Jerry drove this car at the begining of the year and at about the midway point of the year I started driving it there on Sunday nights.

That was the first car I ever drove and was the start of my driving of race cars. This is the same car the next year (1976) that I won my first race in at Grandview Speedway. It was painted black with yellow half way back the doors and the rear quarter panels. I also drove this car at the Reading Fairgrounds on Wednesday night shows and sometimes on Friday nights with a big block. That was a great car and yes we did break sometimes (we were a little strapped financially) at that time.

The orange car behind the 16 is the 27x of Mike Geiser. He had a good career at Nazareth in the sportsman division. He lived just down the street and we always parked together on Sundays.

The car was the first "bought" frame Jerry had and it came from Kenview Kompetition for Kennett Square Pa.  Buck Buckley had a lot to do with the design of the frame as he and Larry Nead (one of the owners) were very good friends.

Those were some really good times. Thanks for the memories.
Tom Mayberry