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Photo ID # d07.11.07_043_BEA_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #43
Driver (s) : Sammy Beavers
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1971?
Photographer: Jeff Scott
Photo provided by: Jeff Scott
Comments: Here's a picture of what some believe may be the first Gremlin to appear at Flemington Speedway...  This Jim Horton Sr. owned Gremlin bodied car was driven by Sammy Beaver's and had the familiar #43 written very similarly to the way the number appeared on the coupe that Beaver's also drove the year before.  We're pretty sure that this car was later repainted a cream color with dark red trim and also wore the #43 and was driven by Sam.
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07/11/07 Brian C. Loutrel Your comments are correct. This was the first Gremlin bodied modified at
Flemington, and it debuted at the Memorial Day 100 lap race in 1972 (I was there and remember it very well.) Billy Osmun won the race. The car was painted cream and maroon later in the year, and Beavers took it for a nasty flip at the East Windsor closing event in October of 1972 (I was there also.) Mike Grbac was driving the Horton 43 coupe in 1972, which was black instead of blue that year.
07/12/07 3-Wide Speaking of Mike in the #43 coupe, I had one of those color t-shirts with the white iron on with  "M I K E"  "G R B A C" on it with the silhouette of the #43 coupe in the middle.  Would love to have it now...