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Photo ID # d08.05.07_028_TUR_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #28
Driver (s) : George Turner
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1970's
Photographer: George Hoyt
Photo provided by: George Hoyt
Comments: One of my favorite cars from the early 70's...  Always like the way this car set and always thought the painted textered roof looked pretty cool.  Now here it is some 35 years later and I'm told that this might have been one of the "Big Donkey" cars???  Not sure about that but when you look at how far it looks like the engine was set back in this car, it sure might have been!

Maybe one of you guys out there can stop by and see the boys at GT Radiator and find out for us!
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08/07/07 Barry Miller I remember this car running at Grandview and it was always one of my favorites too. George's son Harry raced at Grandview in the early '80's in a small bodied car called Wild Thing. It was also blue and pretty fast.
08/07/07 3-Wide I thought I saw a picture of him just recently running at Bridgeport or somewhere.... 
08/09/07 Franny Truly one of the good guy's George was always their and ready to help a kid just starting out, besides doing what he did for Harry at the track. His advise to me on many nights at Grandview was worth more then any money could by. Here's to you George, and to Harry and George Jr. You guy's were two lucky kids to have a dad like him.....
09/06/07 t bag I am almost sure a 707 always steered off the right side wheel.  I know George bought a car from Paul.