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Photo ID # d08.06.07_015_PAU_UNK_0472_1
Car #: #15
Driver (s) : Roy Pauch
Location: not sure...
Date: April, 1974
Photographer: George Koyt
Photo provided by: George Koyt
Comments: When Geoge first showed me this picture, my first thought was how many times I've seen Billy standing in the pits... deep in thought... looking at his racecar, like if he was communicating with it, figuring out one last adjustment that is needed that just might be the difference between getting the win, and settling for 2nd.

I remember watching Roy run at Flemington in the early 70's and remember him as a real steady runner.  From what I've heard, Roy tells like he sees it and I've had a couple of driver's telling me there memorable experiences with Roy.  One such experience is from former Sportsman driver Nandi Palmai who had purchased one of Billy's former #15's back in the late 80's and after reworking the car, and having it repainted and all lettered up, Nandi had an opportunity to show it to Roy.  Roy took one look at it with its new white, yellow, light blue and other various colors, complete with some snazzy lettering to capture all the sponsors names.  His response:  It looks like an Easter Egg.

No nonsense - Track smart.  That pretty much describes those Pauch's!
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08/14/07 Bill Hanna Looks an awful lot like Roy is on the front stretch at the Nazareth 1/2 mile