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Photo ID # d08.09.07_069_CHA_UNK_0070_1
Car #: #sixty-nine
Driver (s) : Jean-Guy Chartrand
Location: Pocono?
Date: 1970's
Photographer: George Hoyt
Photo provided by: George Hoyt)
Comments: The answer is yes (....for those who were too young to have seen this car in person who were wondering if the car looked as cool on the track as it does here in pictures!)
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08/13/07 Tom Bilger I was fortunate enough to see the "Hemi-Cuda" run a number of times at Plattsburgh, N.Y. speedway. They used to get some great drivers up there, Chartrand, Denis Giroux, Dick Nephew,Andy Romano and many others. This was in 1971-72 while I was assigned to Plattsburgh AFB.
08/14/07 Bill Hanna Does look like the Pocono 3/4 mile track - car is on the actual pit road. This was one of the coolest cars of the times, and I just loved seeing it on the track.
07.03.14 Jack Burroughs

I think that I might have seen it at Trenton too.

07.03.14 3Wide Here you go Jack - I took this one at Trenton with the old Kodak 110: