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Photo ID # d08.13.07_004_CAR_MID_0074_1
Car #: #4
Driver (s) : Rags Carter
Location: Middletown, NY
Date: 1974
Photographer: Unknown (Sam Rosenburg?)
Photo provided by: Ted Lovelace (Photo purchased at track.)
Comments: I didn't get to see Rags run that much as I spent most of my nights at Flemington and East Windsor, but by reading AARN each week I kept up pretty well with his winning ways at Reading, Middletown and Nazareth.  Hopefully you guys who watched Rags run in person can provide some details.
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08/13/07 Barry Pursell I believe in this car was the last win Rags had at Nazareth.  It might have been the Sprit of 76.  I am not sure.  It seems like yesterday.   Thanks for the memories.
08/13/07 John Mc Rags won in the Everitt 4Jr Burnett Gremlin later on also. Check out the crowd in the drive-in!
08/14/07 Bill Hannaaka @ Spdwy44 My family loved the drive-in, parked the motor-home on the TOP ROW and had all the comforts of home and since we were so far away from the track, hardly any dust (or should I say "Hard Clay")
08/14/07 Joe Meshach I see the "winged wonders" in the pits. Must be the week of the OCFS fair. It was always a special time watching the USAC boys come into town. I spent many a Saturday night at OCFS mostly from the grandstands but once in a while it was a treat to sit in the drive-in. I can still taste those hot dogs!

DIRT....gotta love it!
08/14/07 Rich Reinhart I got to see "The Ragman" every Saturday and Sunday at Middletown and
Nazareth. Looks like the URC guys are in town.. I was telling my nephew when we were at OCFS last month for Legends Night that the drive in (that was half full at best that night) was so packed back then you couldnt put another car in it. I hope they see this shot to prove I`m not losing my
08/21/07 Cliff and Tonya Good to see this picture, this is the car I remember my Grandfather "Rags" driving ,mostly at Nazareth.  I use to love when he would win and get tastecakes from the tastecake girl and we got to go out on the track for pictures.   He is missed dearly!
09/04/07 s kresge I don't remember the year but i was at nazareth about 5 rows up he took the fence down right in front of me.i don't remember how it started either.but as a kid one thing i did remember was checking my drawers.but what a great driver and one of the nicest looking coupes there.s kresge naz. pa.
12.02.11 Scottrohner The night he took down the fencing was the night Vanhorn decided he needed to win more than Rags needed too.