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Photo ID # d08.27.07_024_081_EWS_0070_1
Car #: #29, 24, 81
Driver (s) : Charlie Shire, Stan Ploski and Billy Osmun
Location: East Windsor, NJ
Date: 1970's
Photographer: George Koyt
Photo provided by: George Koyt
Comments: Pretty sure this is East Windsor and if so, I'm guessing George snapped this one with a zoom lens from the 4th turn stands as the cars were turning in off the homestretch heading across the infield.
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08/29/07 Kevin Budden... Charlie we miss you, Stan and Billy man I'd love to see you guys back on
the track again! Even just for special shows. Thanks for the great
memories of East Windsor!!
09/03/07 3-Wide You know...  Other than Eva Mendez, these are some of the best looking backsides that I've ever seen....   What's even better is that as many of you have seen, the #81 has been recreated and the #24 is not far behind thanks to fabricator and restorer of memories, Bill Lowden.  EWS is no more but maybe someday we'll get to see these 2 side by side on the dirt one more time of New Egypt, or Bridgeport... or somewhere....