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Photo ID # d09.03.07_004_BUT_EWS_0070_1
Car #: #4
Driver (s) : Oliver Butler?  See comments below
Location: East Windsor
Date: Early 70's
Photographer: Ace Lane?
Photo provided by: Tom Carberry Sr.
Comments: A traditional style coupe along side the "less traditional" #76 Pete Chesson Pinto.  We didn't know it then, but withing a few years the all of the coupes and sedans would give way to the Gremlins, Pintos and Vegas..  and then a decade later, they'd all give way to flat pieces of aluminum.
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09/04/07 Brian C. Loutrel The year is 1973 and the driver in the Silliman 4 is not Oliver Butler.   Tom Hager drove the Silliman 4 coupe in this photo and the Profile chassis #4 Falcon in 1973 (the Chesson 76 Pinto is the giveaway that the year is 1973.)    Butler defended his 1972 New Jersey state modified championship in the Fred Menschner 21 coupe in 1973. Two of my favorite modifieds from the 70s in one photo - it doesn't get any better.
09/04/07 3-Wide Thanks for the info Brian.  Oliver Butler's name is on the door, but something just doesn't add up year wise... I remember him winning the Garden State Championship in the #4 and then as you mentioned, he got behind the wheel of the #21.  I'm not sure in what order, but I also remember him in the Spivey Auto Parts #400, the Reebe owned #45, and I'm pretty sure he ran the #68 Pinto that was also run by Dean Applegate.
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Tom Hager did drive the coupe and also the little red Falcon, but I'm still not sure who this is behind the wheel of the coupe in this particular photo...  Maybe Oliver got back into the #4 above for a few more rides... 
09/12/07 Brian C. Loutrel Looking closely at the driver, it looks like it could be Oliver. Tom Hager always wore the full face helmet, and this driver clearly is not. I remember Oliver drove the Reebe 45 in 1974 and I recall him driving the 68, but I don't remember what year.
09/12/07 3-Wide I emailed Carl Silliman who visits us here on occassion and hopefully he will be able to provide some first hand insight.
09/15/07 Carl Silliman Looks very much like Ollie. I would put my money on it. It was not uncommon that my uncle would let Ollie run the #4 from time to time. I remember sitting at Flemington one Saturday night and you know how bill singer would announce the drivers with emphasis. Well, I'm sitting there and Bill says, "and in the AL Silliman #4, look who it is, Oliver Bulter" with the emphasis on both names.

Other drivers after Ollie's regular ride was Tom Hager, Glenn Fitzcharles and others.

By the way, that particular night Ollie jumped in the #4 (Falcon) the car went into the back stretch wall, climbing the fence, coming out of number 2 turn and really put a hurting on that car. Ollie was alright in the crash. I remember that night to this day because my uncle never put that car or any other car back on the track. I was proud of the way that car ran and was maintained.

When I asked later he said the high cost of repair and racing in general at that time made his decision to stop.  The car was sold to Ty Constantino and he raced it with I believe was the #8 Falcon.