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Photo ID # d09.12.07_007_LOR_EWS_0073_1
Car #: #07
Driver (s) : Jim Lord
Location: East Windsor
Date: 1973
Photographer: George Koyt
Photo provided by: George Koyt
Comments: This is what a lot of us miss when it comes to comparing today's racing to that from decades ago...  If you had an idea, you designed it, you built it, and then you raced it.   Sometimes it worked and sometimes... well..., it was back to the drawing board.   But like any good inventor will tell you, when you build something and it doesn't work, that just means that you are one step closer to that which will work.

Daring to be different by always running Ford power, long time Ford wrench Jim Lord created this long wheelbase car and gave it a try, but never quite found it to his liking.   Too bad, 'cause I think it looks cool as heck!
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09/13/07 Nandi Last time I saw this car was about five years ago sitting in Jims back yard. It still my be sitting there. Nandi from Palmco.
09/15/07 Mark Yaple I believe Jim also experimented with an automatic transmission in this car.