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Photo ID # d09.21.07_04X_PIS_EWS_0070_1
Car #: #4X
Driver (s) : Ken Piscitelli
Location: East Windsor, NJ
Date: 1977
Photographer: Tina Piscitelli
Photo provided by: Teepee
Comments: Great looking, straight forward red and white coupe - Looks like it might have been the first time out!
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09/22/07 Rick Shive The body on this car has been in the Vault either 2 or 4 times, (on at least 3 different cars), depending on what information is true. I bought this body and hood just as it looks here, at Lawrence Engineering's flea market,  I assume from Kenny.  While sanding down the doors,we found red paint, and what looked like a number 12 in silver Mylar, leading us to believe that it was Gil Hearne's 12.  (We ended up putting new doors on)  My brother Randy ran it on our blue #62 Tobias car in '82. Found out later that Kerry Schloder's K-46 was Hearne's car. Now after seeing pictures of all of them, there are subtle differences from Hearne/Schloder to Kenny's and ours.  Maybe Kenny can fill us in on where he got the body from?
09/30/07 Ken This car was originally red and gold # 9 owned by Gil Hearne. Later to become the Durkin sponsored orange # 12. The car was then sold to the late Dave Erickson who ran the sporstman division at Wall Stadium as the 4X in 1972-73. Car was then purchased by myself ans was run at East Windsor.
09/30/07 Don Ericson This was Ken's car that he ran at East Windsor for a short time. He bought the car from Dave Ericson from Sayreville NJ Dave ran the car at the high banks of Wall Stadium in the sportsman division with a small block. When Dave Ran the car it was dark metallic blue with a gold Mylar 4x on it .It had magnesium wheels all around it. He later painted it pearl pink after, THE FAMOUSE PINK LADY XL-I.

Dave's career was cut short due to illness. Dave than had his friend John Lawrence the owner of President Park Gulf in Sayreville run the car. John was originally from Afton NY. Were he drove at Five-mile point a dirt track near his hometown. Dave bought the car from Gil Hearne the famous orange Durkin #12,  Before that it was Gil's own # 9 red and gold coupe that he ran at Wall. The car had a fuel injected big block .  It had torsion bar suspension with a square tubing roll cage believe the car was built by Bob Rossell a neighbor and good friend of Gils. Gil also had another orange Durkin #12 coupe at the same time that he ran at East Windsor. This might have been a sister car to it but I'm not sure. It looked like it but I never checked for the square roll cage.

Yours Truly,
Don Ericson
10/01/07 Rick Shive Ken and Don,thanks for the info!  So it was the 12 (9),just not the one I thought.  Guess that's why I didn't find a K-46 while I was sanding.  I always thought the 9 and 12 were the same body. A pretty good copy.

Anyway, it ended up in the scrap dumpster at Riegel Paper Co.,wish I had saved it, but I didn't.