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Photo ID # d11.21.07_04A_McC_FLM_0072_1
Car #: #4
Driver (s) : Craig McCaughey
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1973
Photographer: George Koyt
Photo provided by: George Koyt
Comments: Here's Craig McCaughey in what may have been the last Sedan to win a modified feature at Flemington.  This car was owned by Matt McMann.  The following year, the body was replaced with a Gremlin of the same color and number and driven by Al Michalchuk, then possibly Hank Rogers Jr. and then Craig got back behind the wheel for a while.
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11/25/07 Mark Yaple If you check the frame rails and front bumper you will see this is the same car as the Gremlin in the next picture. This sedan body became Al Michalchuk's 292 coach.
11/25/07 3-Wide Other than the body, the internal sheet metal, and the driver it is exactly the same car... In addition to the front bumper and frame rails as mentioned above by Mark, check out the hood, the rear bumper, the nerf bar, the headers....  This change over was probably done during the off season between 1973 going into 1974...   If you think about it, a lot of teams were changing from pre-WWII sheet metal to 60's and 70's bodies...
11/29/07 Kevin Newman Tommie Elliott drove this car a few times at Hightstown when they had Sunday afternoon shows...I distinctly remember "how cool" the box on the hood was...I wonder if that "blocked" any vision for the driver? ... as a kid I built a model of this car...I gave it to Ann and Matty...nice to see it again...THANKS 3WIDE!!!
12/02/07 3-Wide We are thinking that this is the last car Sedan to win a modified feature at Flemington with Craig behind the wheel.
12/02/07 John McCaughey Tommie Elliott drove for them mainly on pavement, but was long retired when this particular car was built.
12/19/07 Tom Tommie was by no means "retired" when this pick was taken or this car was built. Kevin N. would know the best, since he is Tommie's stepson...This was the year that Tommie was driving the Roaring 20's Autos sedan at Wall.