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Photo ID # d11.24.07_071_ALL_TRN_0070_1
Car #: #71
Driver (s) : Jerry Allen
Location: Trenton, NJ
Date: 1970
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Chris Allen
Comments: Comment from Chris:  Jerry Allen 1970 Trenton 200 Trenton Speedway Finshed 12th Owner Jerry Hustack, Bob Allison & Eric Nesse
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05/24/18 George McCormick Was part of the history of this car, Bobby Snyder and myself helped out on this car at a Sunoco gas station on South Broad street in Trenton, N.J. where Bobby worked pumping gas. We used to race this car at Wall Stadium. I remember one year we took this car to Trenton Speedway and blew the engine in practice took it back to the shop to put a new engine in it, we worked late into the night and finally got it switched out when I think it was Bobby picked something up off the floor and says hey what’s this? It was the throw out bearing that never got back into the transmission, went back to work pulling the engine got it done late in the morning and went back to the track for qualifying. They were the good old days.