Photo ID # d11.27.07_014_TOR_EWS_0070_1
Car #: #14
Driver (s) : Bob Toreky
Location: East Windsor, NJ
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Ace Lane Jr.
Photo provided by: Ken Piscitelli
Comments: Even as weathered as this photo is, its hard to hide just how beautiful this little #14 coupe was.  Car might have been lettered by "cos" and when you think of how great looking all of Bob's #14's were, you gotta know that "cos" lettered them and what a job he does. (see note below from George)

Not sure if this was the former Gil Hearne, former Kerry Schloder car, former Ken Piscitteli, former Dave Erickson but all were great looking.  I think I remember somewhere along the way that this might have been the #56 that Bob Rossell built and drove originally???
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01/07/08 Walter Onora Pretty sure, that this racer was originally a Bob Rossell creation. Bob built some of the best looking coupes around.
01/07/08 Bob Becker Joe, that's the former Bob Rossell coupe, you have one of my fathers shots of it when it was new in the vault. Check the small hole that's still in the roof. Rossell cut that hole so he could see through it on the Lebanon Valley high banks.
01/08/08 Kevin Budden Thanks Bob for all the great photos I received from you! I pull them out often and admire them very much! Thanks again,  EWS forever,, 
11/28/08 George Perkins I'm very familiar with Cos' work. We have been lifelong friends and he got me started in the sign painting business. Although he lettered Bob's cars for years, I can assure you he did not letter this car, it's just not his style.