Photo ID # e01.04.08_002_056_EWS_0079_1
Car #: #2 & 56
Driver (s) : Frankie Schneider and Gary Hieber
Location: East Windsor (Acella Speedway)
Date: 1979
Photographer: George Koyt
Photo provided by: George Koyt
Comments: 2 Weld cars in turn 2 with one of them being the #2!..  That's Frankie Schneider leading the way over Gary Hieber.
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05/24/07 Matt Bahre Can't actually remember where either of these cars came from but both were second hand deals.

Gary Hieber was a sportsman driver when they first aquired this car. I do remember I took an interest in the car and helped Hieber set the car up at Syracuse when they raced there in the sportsman division. I don't remember the result but I think it ran pretty good.

01/13/08 Spilly I remember reading somewhere that Frankie’s Weld and Grant King cars were acquired from Pee Wee Griffin.  Not sure if Griffin ever actually drove the car.
09.24.10 CHIP There's a lot of rumors on why Pee Wee use to bring these cars up north for was it to drive or sale?????????