Photo ID # e01.04.08_074_BRA_REA_0070_1
Car #: #74
Driver (s) : Bobby Braxton
Location: Reading
Date: Late 70's?
Photographer: Unknown
Photo provided by: Bobby Braxton
Comments: Somewhat rare shot of a Weld car head on... At least it looks like a Weld car to us, but we'll let you guys give us the details....
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05/24/07 Matt Bahre It's one of the (6) Weld cars built during the winter of 75/76. This car like the other (5) built that winter is based on Kenny Welds first generation designed modified he built while still driving under the Wiekert Livestock # 29 colors.  

This one is the Wichecki (probably spelled that wrong) # 74 that Walt Olsen first drove out of the box in the spring of 1976. Olsen lost the ride to Braxton and then bought the car building business from Weld.
01/07/08 Jim Cogill What a great shot of a great car! This is definetely the Wiechecki Special Weld car. I would love to know how the front bumper got bent like that. I have been doing homework on this car for the past year now and although i was not around to see this car run, it seems that Bobby always ran pretty good with the car from the programs i have gathered. I haven't seen anything where he wrecked badly, and he ran really good at several tracks. I have been trying to gather a history on the car, so if anybody has any good stories, i would love to read about them. Look for the "Pink Panther" at a show near you in 08', courtesy of L.H.!