Photo ID # e08.01.08_71E_VAN_UNK_0070_1
Car #: #71E
Driver (s) : Carl Van Horn
Location: Middletown (Thanks Bob)
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Paul Irving
Photo provided by: Paul Irving
Comments: "Carl On The Gas" captured by artist/photographer Paul Irving.
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09/01/08 Bob Hanna This is definitely Middletown - turn 3 right before the pit entrance.
09/01/08 3-Wide I was reading an article in an old AARN Monthly about how Carl got the "E" in his #.  Turns out when they built the car they decided to have a number that they didn't think others already had.  When they showed up to the track they found that they were one of like 5 or 6 cars that had the #71, so they just got in line with #71a, #71b, #71c, #71d until they got to #71e!
09/02/08 Barry Hey from what I remember about the 71E car, I believe it stood for Ellen, which was his wife (at least I think so). I don't recall ever hearing about the 5 71 cars that came to the track at the same time.
09/02/08 3Wide (2nd paragraph):

From AARN's Auto Racing Monthly - October, 1975
09/15/08 Dave & Lisa Dumar When Modifieds were Modifieds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11/19/08 Tom Aten I remember watching Carl start in the back of the pack many times at Orange County and just blow them away.  He will always be one of my favorite drivers from the 70's.   Thanks for the memories Threewides.
11/21/08 Tom Aten I was just looking at this car again.  if I'm not mistaken, this car had the exhaust coming out the rear of the car.  It was unique it sounded like a sprint car when Carl opened it up.  Thanks again Joe for all your hard work.
09.23.10 CHIP This was 76" or early 77"OCFS sometime in 77" he wiped this car out at E. Windsor.  Then he drove a#29 for a little bit, and then came out with a new 71e..