Photo ID # e09.01.08_002_SCH_UNK_0070_1
Car #: #2
Driver (s) : Frankie Schneider
Location: Middletown - thanks Bob
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Paul Irving
Photo provided by: Paul Irving
Comments: One of our all time favorite photos, provided by Paul Irving of one of the all time greats!
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09/01/08 Bob Hanna Great shot of the Ole' Master! This is Middletown, NY...the seating area in the background is the partially covered grandstand. When looking from the pits it sits to the right of the main grandstand.
11.15.09 Eric Lorenzoni I've seen most of the photos of the Old Master but this one is a great shot!
05.20.11 CHIP Very nice Pic, of the Man, looks like 77" and hes waiting to go out for hot laps.  Notice the steering wheel,  Probably off some 60" Pontiac.