Photo ID # e09.16.08_010_001_FLM_0079_1
Car #: #10 & #1
Driver (s) : Frank Cozze and Billy Pauch
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1979
Photographer: Jack Kromer
Photo provided by: Jack Kromer
Comments: Very interesting photo that we used for our Sept 2008 Trivia Challenge.  Turns out that's Frank Cozze in the #10 which is actually the former Glen Fitzcharles driven #23 lightweight Chevette.  The #1 driven by Billy Pauch above was the last car built by Wally Marks.  Wally owned cars since the 1940's and was the 1951 NASCAR Modified Champion owner in a car driven by Wally Campbell.  The car above was driven by such drivers as Larry and Lee Taylor, Billy Beasley, Red Coffin and Al Michalchuk.  Once done racing, the car sat behind Wally Mark's house on Nottingham Way in Hamilton, NJ.

After Wally's passing, Ray Neary totally restored the car to track ready condition, complete with big block power under the hood.  From what I remember, the car did not compete for the full season, and did not score any feature event wins, but from what I hear, it was very fast and was full of many of Wally's speed secrets. 

Glad that this one got saved so that Wally Marks ingenuity will can be witnessed and talked about for many years to come.
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