Photo ID # e11.04.08_044_019_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #44, #unknown, #19
Driver (s) : Frank Cozze, Unknown, and Kenny Brightbill
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1978?
Photographer: Paul Irving
Photo provided by: Paul Irving
Comments: ...stare at this one for a while...  What catches your attention?  Cozze's left front off the ground?  The bullet shape of Brightbill's Pinto heading straight toward you with it's tiny pony wheel.  Maybe it's the mystery car in the outside groove... 

Thanks Paul Irving.  Your photos make us all think.
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11/07/08 Diane hey its Diane Frankie Schneiders daughter. that unknown car...wheels look blue to me in that picture....any possibility its dad with a dif hood ? ....just a guess ... Diane
11/07/08 3Wide ...I'm not real sure about that car Diane as this was a day show, probably at the end of the year and there were a lot of "non" Flemington Regular at these shows...  I'm sure one of the Vault Visitors out there will chime in soon with additional information. - Thanks Diane.
11/08/08 Spilly Looks like a Burnett car, judging by the front bumper and the shock towers.  The hood looks like it's got some purple in it. Could it be the Dom Ragano #87, perhaps with Del George or Gene Coyle behind the wheel?
11/08/08 Spilly I don't know Spilly... The body looks a little too wide maybe for that #87...  Any other opinions out there?
11/09/08 William Hanna Looks like to me this from the great Flemington 200 on Memorial Day in 1978, with the great battle between Brightbill and Billy Osmun, who I think is behind Kenny in this photo on the right. Brings back some great memories..............
02.02.09 Matt Bahre How about it being CD Coville as his car was red...white & blue scheme..
11.19.10 CHIP Oh yeah, that very last car is Billy O. in the 73 Trying to catch Mr. Smooth, notice the line he's using no bumps in the low groove..