Photo ID # e11.06.08_073_BAL_NAZ_0070_1
Car #: #73
Driver (s) : Gary Balough
Location: Nazareth?
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Paul Irving
Photo provided by: Paul Irving
Comments: .... Have you heard about the new craze from Japan... where driver's slide their cars in a controlled drift while trying not to bump into each other, or into orange cones... 

Well, sorry to rain on anybody's parade, but seems to be that anybody who attended dirt track racing, saw real "drifting" years and years ago.  This Paul Irving photo capturing Gary Balough at work really says it all.  Of course this type of drifting usually was conducted very close to an outside wall, and sometimes even an inside wall... and let's not forget about the 23 other guys that were out there at the same time, all trying to make it to the front, to get their moment of glory.
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11/0708 Rich Reinhart I think that's Middletown.   Fence looks like turns 1 and 2 at Middletown, Nazareth had a corrugated metal fence, that looks like wood.

Anyway, it`s a great photo..I told the same thing to Joe one night at NES. I just don't see this drifting craze. I saw Stan Ploski do that for 100 laps at Flemington one night...What's the big deal over doing it for 1 lap?
11/07/08 3Wide I guess the thing today's "drifting" has going for it is that most of today's teenagers don't have a place to see what we all saw back in the 50's... or 60's... or 70's..., and that was cars with bodies that they could relate to, and that had some individuality...  But before we think that's all it takes to attract today's teenagers, here's a glimpse into the bigger picture:

What they've done is to take something that is pretty much universally cool, which is having a car slide sideways, and have packaged it in a clean, hip environment, added lots of good looking girls wearing little more than 2 band-aids and a handy wipe, make sure the pits and spectator areas are pumped with continuous loud music (or as some on hear would refer to as "noise"), and then add things like bikini contests, girls wrestling in soap bubbles...  and you've got "drifting".
11/07/08 Steve Kresge This sort of looks like between turns 1 and 2 at Nazareth.
11/08/08 Alby Salter Wherever he is, Gary was the real deal.  One hell of a race driver.
11/08/08  Bob Vichioli Hey Joe if we had what you described in your second paragraph back in the 70's along with what this photo is all about I think we all would have died and went to heaven of course the music of the 70's was much better! LOL!
11/09/08 WIlliam Hanna This is definitely Orange County, the comment about the wood outer fencing is the fact that closes the deal. A great shot of a great car with a superb driving talent that unfortunately took a wrong turn along his way of life, but left great memories.
09.08.10 CHIP It's a shame this guy was the best in any car,  He was ready to sign with the Hardees #28 Team for the 1985 NASCAR season with Robert Yates as crew chief, and then he blew it.  Gary you could be a rolling in the bucks now working with some top teams like Buzzie is with David.  I seen Gary at super dirt week back in 2002 or 03, and he didn't have that fire in his eyes like he us to.  I miss the racing of old..
11.19.10 CHIP Sorry.....  I take back anything negative that I might have said. If I was to get into racing I would want Gary to help me get started. Gary has my vote to be in the Hall of fame. I'm glad to see you at the track again Mr. Balough...