Photo ID # e11.15.08_014_BEL_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #14
Driver (s) : Andy Belmont
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1976? 
Photographer: Wayne Bechtel
Photo provided by: Wayne Bechtel
Comments: This is the first car that I remember seeing Andy run...  Based on the little ripples where the roof comes up off of the quarter, I guess part of this car was a Vega... I've never seen a Vega with a roof like that!

In addition to his racing days at places like Flemington and Nazareth, Andy later did quite well as a driver in the ARCA Series and is today an owner of one of the top running cars on the ARCA circuit.  In addition, Andy was the first promoter at New Egypt Speedway once it became a clay surfaced speedway in 1998, (still remember winning an America On Line (AOL) travel bag for knowing an answer to a trivia question on opening day. 

We also remember hearing Andy as a guest commentator on a Daytona radio station during speedweeks a few years back.  That's quite a resume if you ask me!
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