Photo ID # e11.15.08_050_HUR_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #50
Driver (s) : Jim Hurtubise
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1970?... Late 60's?
Photographer: Ace Lane
Photo provided by: Al Giordano and also Car45Racing
Comments: At Langhorne, Trenton... and even Indy, Jim Hurtubise was always my favorite driver.  To this day I'm partial to the #56 as this was the # that Jim often ran, and thought if I ever drove, I'd use the #56.  (I found out a few years ago that Gary Hieber's champ car effort's used the #56 for the same reason - because it was the number used by Jim.) 

Jim's story is an amazing one.  During a very successful open wheel career, Jim suffered severe burns in an accident I believe at Milwaukee and when the doctors informed him of the severity of the burns to his hands, Jim told them to make them so he could hold onto the steering wheel.  Jim returned to racing and found some success as a driver, but in doing so, provided inspiration to probably thousands more.

While I followed Jim's champ car career, this photo was a surprise to me because I don't remember him running at Flemington Speedway, and I don't remember this #50 car.  I'm wondering if maybe Jim was in town for the Race of Champions at Langhorne or Trenton and decided to take in a night of racing at Flemington?
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11/17/08 Charlie Hall This photo was taken on a Saturday night at Flemington in the early 70's.  Jim ran Trenton that afternoon, and stopped by Flemington that night.  I was asked if I wanted Jim Hurtubise to drive my car.   "You mean my car?... Just built by a Staten Island telephone man???"


Jim ran strong in the heat until the clutch broke.

Thank you,
Charlie Hall
11/17/08 3Wide Charlie - I don't remember the car...  Was it driven by anyone else?
11/19/08 Charlie Hall Sorry to say the car, driven by a friend of Billy Osmun, (don't remember his name,) flipped it at Flemington - bent frame, ruined body.  I sold it to a rookie sportsman driver.  I worked with Ray Liss #10 for a few years (73-75?) after that.  I have some pictures I will send to you.

Thanks - Charlie Hall
11/19/08 Walter Onora One of the few times, I missed attending Flemington. Missed the opportunity of see "Herk" drive a modified at the "squared circle". This happened around 1972 or 1973.
    Here's a close up on the right rear corner: