Photo ID # e12.20.08_0K3_GRP_FLM_0070_1
Car #: #K3, #75, #73?, #29A?, #24, #99, #A, #16, #11-7
Driver (s) : Les Katona, Horace Drake?... not sure of a couple in there... and then we see Ken Brenn Jr, Dave Vaughn and probably Larry Kline, or Rich Varone in the A car...  And not sure, but it might be John "The Whip" Presley in the blue 55 Chevy that ran with the Sportsman... and there's George Ault getting ready to come out for the next heat.
Location: Flemington, NJ
Date: 1970's
Photographer: Michael Clissold
Photo provided by: Michael Clissold
Comments: Great photo showing quite a variety of cars!
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05.01.09 Charlie Miller To quote Mr. Spock " Infinite diversity in infinite combinations ". How could you not find somebody to cheer for in this heat. Even if you didn't know anyone , a Falcon, a mustang , a coupe , a coach , and even a chevy late-model . Ah , variety is the spice of life !