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Photo ID # c02.11.06_016_McK_FLM_0086_1
Car #: #16
Driver (s) : Mike McKinney...
Location: Flemington
Date: 1986
Photographer: Ace Lane Jr.
Photo provided by: Bruce Thomas
Comments: There was a day in 1986 when a  guy named "Mike McKinney" almost stole the show at Flemington...  From what I've been told, there was a fellow named Mike McKinney involved with the team, but let's just say that it may not have been "Mike" behind the wheel...
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02/11/06 Walter Onora Yeah, you bet. That's actually **********!!! Yes I remember that race, it was the season ending 200 lap race. Jimmy Horton won it, coming off the 4th turn. ***** tires started to give out. Actually have this race on video.
02/11/06 3-Wide I've decided to let you guys have some fun with this one... but we're not going to post his real name....  Those who know..., well... they know.  Those who don't..., well, they'll wonder!  (Thanks Walter)
02/12/06 Bruce Thomas I also have this race on video too, didnt have a clue who McKinney was then, but I know now!

Who can remember Tom Mayberry coming from the back of his heat to blow away the competition in short order? He finished 6th in the 200.  Not bad for not havin run there much. I think the showcar chassis was a big help then.
02/12/06 Todd Lewis I see a speed shop on the left rear quarter panel.  Was this a Tony Sesely entry?
02/13/06 Rich Imlay Was shooting between 3 & 4 that night and this McKinney guy came out of nowhere and was a rocket. Thought I was witnessing the beginning of a new era--until I went in the pits after the show.
02/18/06 Heath Eliwatt This is ***** *******! The reason he used the name Mike McKinney doesn't really matter. Though he didn't win, what matters is that R**** drove the race of his life, and had the best 200 laps of his career that October night at Flemington. At times, he looked even better than Pauch on his best night.

For 199 laps he held off the best in the business in a home built (Tommy Simco) entry. I still watch this tape with my dad 20 years later. Here's one more bit of trivia for you...... This same car was lettered the L-Car at Syracuse the previous year. That year Tony Sesley teamed up with the Liedl's to tackle the moody mile with R***** as the driver.
02/27/06 Kevin Eyres Son of Staten Island legend Joe McKinney. Car was painted at County Line Auto Body. Gary Gardella and I painted it. Great story behind the driver for Tony Sesely that day that ran an unbelievable race. Remember a controversial move with Brett Hearn that really woke the crowd that the 16 was fast!!